Upperkutz BarbershopDreamed about for 10 years; established and opened March 2013, Upper Kutz Barber Shop is living proof that dreams do come true.

Creating a fun and friendly environment with a 6 foot MMA punching bag that is center stage, walls lined with some of the greatest boxers demonstrating upper kutz, to a friendly game of chess all while you enjoy the plush and luxury comfort from the warm cherry wood flooring, comfortable seating to 3 flat screen TV’s.

Upper Kutz prides itself in superior customer service, guaranteeing a satisfying visit every time. All of our barbers are carefully picked and evaluated in efforts to provide our clients with quality and hospitable service they deserve.

We take pride in everything that we provide our customers, from our specialty cuts to extreme cleanliness and even just a stop in for a friendly conversation.

As the owner of Upper Kutz, I created a barber shop that not only services our customers with the utmost care but gives back to the community as well.


Thankful, honored and blessed to serve…. Upper Kutz  Catch – A – Fade